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3 friends, 3000 miles, 3 mph.


When we decided to hike the Continental Divide trail – our third 3000 mile thruhike in 3 years – we knew it would be an inspiring story. We just didn’t know how inspirational it would be.


We began this project with a bang – we announced our hike would also be a feature length film in an interview with TheTrek.co, one of the most well known and widely read hiking blogs in the world. Instantly, the hiking world was buzzing about what would be the coolest story a group of hikers had gotten to tell in years.

More than that, 3 MPH quickly became worth buzzing about in the film world too. Comparisons to Wild, Running the Sahara, Mile Mile and a Half, and other acclaimed adventure films began. It became apparent that we have the opportunity to make 3MPH the biggest adventure film of the year.


The story itself won’t just be for hikers, but for anyone who aspires to do something great. It will be a manifesto of the possibilities of dreaming big, but also an honest exploration of the difficulties of conquering your dreams one step at a time.



We will carefully document that process of aging and growing weary on the trail. We’ll celebrate the peaks, and mourn the valleys. Along the way we’ll capture the feeling of the trail itself.

To see what we mean, check out the incredible photographs above from our first thruhike on the Appalachian trail – a gritty, exhausting experience – and compare them to the breathtaking views of our second thruhike experience on the Pacific Crest trail below.


3 MPH is a cinematic journey that follows three best friends from Canada to Mexico through some of the country’s most unforgiving and rugged landscapes along the Continental Divide Trail.

The audience will get an intimate look inside of the lives of these thruhikers epic adventure and see firsthand what it takes to finish such a hike as they battle both the elements and their own limits.

The story will be raw, gritty, and visually stunning as we capture the trail in an honest, authentic way, bringing the hiking community and the world a film unlike anything they’ve ever seen.


We have months of research under our belt and lessons learned from successful adventure movies like Meru, Unbranded, and 180 Degrees South. We’re excited to announce partnerships with some of the best cinematographers, time lapse photographers, and hiking gear companies in the world.


We’re honored and excited to make a visually stunning, state-of-the-art film, and assure our audience: you, too, can do great things, even at 3 MPH.

– Nicholas Reichard
Director & Producer

Author, photographer, doer of other stuff, too. Learn more here. Or follow him on twitter.


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