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A Feature Length Film

…that follows half a dozen friends from Canada to Mexico on an incredible 3000-mile six-month thruhike. It’s the grand finale of a journey that hikers call the “Triple Crown.”

There are fewer triple crowners than astronauts. To get there, our crew must survive the world’s most unforgiving, rural, and rugged landscapes along the Continental Divide Trail.

It’s an emotional, surprising journey that arrives on screen in 2018. Will you join us?


Film Synopsis

3 MPH is a film that follows hikers through both personal struggles and some of the country’s most unforgiving landscapes.

The audience will get an intimate look inside the lives of thruhikers and see firsthand what it takes to finish such a hike as they battle the elements and their own limits.

The film is going to be raw and gritty yet visually stunning. It will be shot in a breathtaking, cinematic, natural way that fosters personal ambition, ecological responsibility, and respect for the wild.

3 MPH will inspire dreamers of all kinds and encourage them to chase their goals day after day.


A Word From The Director

After hiking 4,900 miles in two years, every aspect of my life has changed. I’ve captured the trail and the people around me in a way that few have done with a camera. With this film we must tell a story which hits on a more personal level. Photography alone will not do.

My experience on the trail gave me confidence I never had before, but not without other changes. I lost nearly 70 pounds. After coming home I started having panic attacks. In this film we’ll see the hikers each change in their own ways. The journey is not just a hike, it’s a story of personal growth.

Our audience may not want to do a thruhike themselves, but that doesn’t mean they don’t find our stories of the trail interesting. Nearly everyone is curious about bears, how we carry food and water, how many pairs of shoes we wear out, and the number miles we hike each day. Our audience will learn not just how we do what we do, but why. They will watch us face fear and starvation as we hike North America’s continental divide.

This film will tell unique stories of how ordinary people can do the extraordinary. 3 MPH (2018) comes at the perfect time to share the most rugged trail in the world—which few even know about—as a celebration of 50th anniversary of the US National Trail System.

Nicholas Reichard


A 50 Year Anniversary

The story of our hikers celebrates the 50 year anniversary of the United States National Trail System.


Meet The Production Team

Steve Moraco

Steve runs an aerial media production company and has a passion for both online education and travel. He brings his business experience, incredible talent for throwing dance parties, and knack for making friends across the worlds of media, film, and photography to the production.

Nicholas Reichard

Nick has a fine art degree in film making, but he left the world of movies 3 years ago to walk about 5000 miles. He carried a hasselblad camera along the entire Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails, and is now one of two film-only photographers in the world sponsored by that nation’s biggest developing lab. He is known in the hiking community for his eye for storytelling through images.


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